We are proud to offer you many models of skates; from Bauer's Vapor and Supreme lines through the Reebok K series, efficient entry level skates up thru many different pro models as well. We also offer a revolving used skate inventory which enables us to offer a great selection of skates at some amazing prices. With this wide range of high-end and affordable choices, we should be able to find the right skate to fit your foot, your body type, and your budget. Selection and knowledge are our greatest assets as we help you understand the differences between Vapor and Vector, between Supra and Supreme. We are experts in finding the right fit for your foot. And for those who just don't quite fit a standard size, we are equipped to mold or stretch boots to your individual foot. With every skate purchase we offer our custom fit service utilizing our skate oven and CCM fit machine for no additional charge (a $30 value)


We carry over 25 different models of both composite and wood sticks. Leading off with those always impressive fully graphite plus, uni-directional mono-composition top enders, we also offer a wide range of one-piece composite sticks from fully functioning all fiberglass sticks to graphite hybrids. For those who love the feel of real lumber in their hands, as we do, we continue to carry a number of wood stick models as well. We also carry the largest tapered shaft and blade selection in the upper Midwest, allowing players to customize their stick even further while getting the most out of both price and personal preference.


With broad selections in each category of protective gear, we are able to help you find what is right for your needs. Correct fit is by far the most important thing when purchasing protective equipment. High end protection hanging off the area of concern offers less protection then some properly fitted entry level lines would. Shoulders, hands, knees, elbows, toes and hips, we've got you covered. We'll use our expertise in sizing to make sure your gear is properly fitted so you can provide your player with the best protection for the longest period of time.

Goalie Gear

We are happy to carry a small selection of entry mid, to upper mid-level goalie gear. We strive to offer continued quality selection in chest protectors and goalie pants, as well as most accessories such as knee protectors, cups, and throat guards. We specialize in proper sizing, which allows us to order most anything from almost any brand for any customer. Our prices for many brands of leg pad/glove/blocker sets are quite competitive, so keep us in mind when preparing to order your next set. We also carry a wide selection of goalie sticks in a variety of styles, sizes and materials.

Roller Hockey

We stock entry level and midrange roller hockey skates from a variety of manufacturers, as well as replacement wheels and bearings. We've also got roller hockey tapered replacement blades, allowing you to use your same high-end shaft with only the need to swap the blade. We also carry roller hockey nets, as well as roller hockey goalie gear.


We have all the things the hockey player needs to keep them performing on the ice every day. Tape, mouth guards, butt ends, water bottles, Jocks, socks (both inside and outside), under gear, and outer gear. We've also got a huge selection of bags to transport your gear, and deodorizers to keep it clean.

We stock entry level figure skates from Ridell and Jackson. We're also a proud supplier of Mondor tights.

Lacrosse is an up and coming sport within the area, and fastest growing team sport in the United States We carry entry level sticks and protective gear. Lacrosse is a great way to enhance hand eye coordination and hockey related skill sets.

We support our friends in the striped shirts, and carry a broad line of CCM reffing gear.

We on occasion, try to remember life off of the ice as well. Sweat shirts, t-shirts, sweat pants. Some gawd forsaken flip flops for the summer, right? Ya gotta let those dawgs breathe on occasion.